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Another Devblog Entry about TCP Settings

New Devblog Entry about Wordpress

Visit my new Blog and read about SEO Settings in Wordpress http://www.devblogrbmz.com/enable-seo-urls-in-wordpress/

Convert Intellij native-to-ascii properties file to Eclipse variant

Intellij creates Uppercase unicode Escape characters and eclipse likes to create them in lowercase.
This results in problems with Versioning System.

Simple sed script to convert these from intellij to eclipse variant ->

sed "s/\(\\\\u....\)/\L\1/g" messages.properties  -i 

.... Or just set the correct parameter in idea.properties ->


Running with Drupal

This site now runs with Drupal which is very nice..
The Themes from drupal.org are looking good too (this is one of them).

Perhaps I even come around to change the logo or some colors.


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